#10 Philosophy, The Path To Entrepreneurship

Updated: Oct 21, 2018

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That last episode with Matt was extremely refreshing in terms of the topic we discussed at the end of the episode. What I found the most interesting part of the podcast was when we discussed and tried to define the concept of creativity and the similarities between philosophy and entrepreneurship.

His opinion was that he sees the same thinking patterns behind philosophy and entrepreneurship. So basically he learned during the time he was studying philosophy how to do business. Furthermore, we agreed on that entrepreneurship is the execution and practical way to express philosophy.

To have an overview of what we discussed, you can find here my questions during the podcast to find your most important topics:

Matt Rosenblum, life coach marketeer and founder of AdvancedLifeCoachMarketing.com, he is the author of the Ebook "the wellness entrepreneur’s guide to building a serious business" and not to forget philosophy student on creativity. He also explains his way to entrepreneurship through studying philosophy and creativity. Additionally, he shares his techniques on how to write a 10,000 words articles per week with his fine-grained optimisation routine and how to read two books per week. 

[0:30] How would you explain your job to a 94 years-old grandma?

[6:20] What did you need to do to get where you are right now?

[10:30] How can you read 2 books a week?

[14:54] How can you keep up with producing so much content?

[24:00] How do you combine philosophy and entrepreneurship?

[30:05] What is your definition of creativity?

[36:00] How do you use philosophy to create your life?

[39:46] My definition of art

[44:22] Why is that important for you to create something that affects people emotionally?

[55:21] How did you get started with entrepreneurship/your business?

[56:00] Abraham Maslow quote: Whatever a man can be, he must be!

[57:18] How do you see yourself and your company in 5 years?

[58:58] What does the ambitious sloth mean to you?


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