#11 Perspective of Life from a Cancer Survivor - Hans Rueffert

The fun, knowledgeable and wise chef without stomach told me how his perspective on life changed due to his severe stomach cancer and what he is now doing to help others achieve a similar mindset change! He is also a television show host in Georgia in which he lives the example of a simple yet healthy diet even without having a stomach. Additionally, he gives many tips on how to easily adopt a good diet and always blends in with his fun and enthusiastic personality! It was a great pleasure to interview him and hope he can reach many more to establish his perspective of a life!


  1. How did you get the German name "Hans Rueffert"?

  2. An old lady asks: "What do you do to pay my pension?"

  3. How was Hans 1.0 (before cancer)?

  4. What did it feel like being the old Hans? 

  5. What was the first that crossed your mind when you heard you had cancer?

  6. How does nutrition affect your body?

  7. Julia Enders author of "Gut"

  8. Probiotics

  9. Food cravings

  10. See your healthy diet as a savings accountHow did you get the mindset established?

  11. If you get annoyed by the traffic, just turn on your favourite song on the radio!

  12. 3 Life lessons:

  13. Slow Down!

  14. Being Mindful

  15. Quality over Quantity

You can either check it out on iTunes or Spotify as usual but I also created a video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BqOOShny2AA

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