#14 The Only Person That Can Make You Quit Is You! -Dennis McCormick

Thanks to Julia Piedmont who made this even possible by bringing me in contact with Dennis!

This podcast really gave me a new perspective on all the "Downsides" in life which are nothing in comparison to what happened to him. Additionally, he mentioned one important point. That such and accident that happened to him is not necessary to adopt this incredible mindset like he did. There is not excuse to change your perspective on your life so start non!

The former U.S. marine Dennis McCormick has an incredible story to share. Starting from his horrible accident on July 8th 2015 in which he almost died, however, recovered even stronger than before. Despite doctors telling him, he will not be able to walk again he just tried over and over again and did not let others tell him what he can or cannot do until he tried himself! Now, he is still having intense pain every day but with his unbelievable mindset he manages to have a job as a marketing director and enjoys his life like he hasn’t before. Also due to the help of Austin and Julia Piedmont.

I feel honored that I had the chance to talk to him and hope you can get something positive out of this as well. If you think a friend could benefit from this, don’t hesitate to spread the message and if you have any question, Dennis and I are happy to answer it.

I am always curious how you like this episode and what you got out of it so let me know if you'd like 😉

Dennis’ IG: @bearded_usmc

Austin’s IG: @agpiedmont

Julia’s IG: @jujupiedmont

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