#24 Changing Your Perspective and Physiology | Chris Diwo

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

STAY ON TRACK OF YOUR GOALS. He sees himself as an ambitious thinker navigating through the business world with an optimistic mindset and entrepreneurial tendencies while documenting his journey to improve today’s world. We talked a lot about how you get create your own future and shift your perspective as well as staying on track to your goals through journaling.

His 3 big lessons are:

Become free of other people’s opinions.

Start dreaming.

Change your physiology.

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Above you can read what everyone can read on any other platform about the interview. But since you are already here I want to give you some more information about this and my personal opinion and impression.

Starting with how I met him and why I chose him to be on the podcast. Actually, the podcast was the first time I met Chris in person and that we actually talked (pretty smooth interview for that huh? ;)). A friend of mine, my first podcast guest ever in episode #1, was suggesting me him because he thought he would be suited. But I was hesitant about it. I guess mainly because I was just afraid of getting a rejection because of my podcast not being famous and good enough that he wanted to be on the show. That's why I was following him on social media for quite a while already when I made the decision to level up my podcast and finally get a more consistent and proper podcast going.

After that decision, I not only asked him but a couple of other people and all of them said yes! But he was one of the first and actually helped me starting this new flow of podcasts guests. Probably helping was also his positive attitude and dreamer qualities that broke the last barrier before contacting him and actually also reason what I thought he was a good fit. Just by having such big dreams and the doer qualities I was intrigued and wanted to know more about him but also the methods he used and how he got there. Thus, I just texted him and up to this day, we are in contact and check on each other how it going. So it probably was the start of a supportive friendship.

Thank you, Chris, and all the best for your future!

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