3 Ways To Improve Your Meditation

If you have ever tried to meditate you know these problems. A million thoughts are jumping into your head, telling you that you should better be working, doing something for university or thing like I need to pee!

We all know it and we all had it. But how do you concentrate or focus again on the meditation itself because you want to improve and get better right?

First of all, there is no better, worse, right or wrong. There will no meditation session be the same as before. So there is no point in trying to achieve the same things as you head in the last meditation session. Because if you think like that you'll never get further in the direction you want because you are constantly thinking about the past.

However, one key concept of meditation is to be non-judgemental and see the things as they are and accept them.

Ok, but this is just soooo difficult because we learned to always judge, 24/7. "It's a bit too cold today. It's a bit too hot today. This coffee doesn't taste good. I don't like Monday.

Therefore, there are many techniques which help you to overcome these judgements and just observer the things as they are. I, personally, found 3 different techniques the most helpful for me.

One is based on visualisation, one is based on breathing and the last one is a body scan.



I use this especially when many thoughts are just bombarding me and I just don't know what to think anymore.

Imagine you are sitting on a wide green grass field with some distant trees on the horizon. You feel the soft breeze in your face, some soft clouds are up in the sky and you just breathe. As soon as you realise a new thought pops into your head, you don't judge but let it arise, try to visualise it being in front of you quite clearly. Then you softly put this person, thing or situation you just visualised on one of the passing clouds in the sky. Just imagine them slowly gliding towards the cloud and finding a comfortable spot. After that, you realise again sitting on the green grass and seeing the cloud slowly passing and maybe thinking "Now is not the right time, I'll think about it later." That you do with every new thought until your brain calms down and you concentrate better on being in the moment right now.



For this technique (called pranayamas) I recently found a perfect video that had a simple way to focus attentively on your breathing and through that being right in the moment.

Just watch this 3-minute video and know how to calm yourself in less than a minute.


Body Scan:

I find this a super powerful method to sharpen your senses and calming your mind at the same time. It is basically a method in which just purely sense what's going on in and on your body. You start by sensing anything from heat, coolness, tingling or itching on your head, going slowly down over your face and until you finally end up at your toes. For that, I would suggest taking a guided body scan so that you don't drift off while doing it. I usually use the app "calm" for that but any other like headspace or a youtube video will do as well.

I hope that helps you with your meditation and gets you back into the moment. Enjoy!

Let me know if that helped or if you have other techniques you use when you meditate!

Down here 👇🏻

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