5 am Challenge FSK18

Let's be honest. It's not all fun and most certainly not easy at all.

⚠️WARNING⚠️ struggles are ahead of you

Yesterday was the first day which was no way better than before the challenge. The workout I did yesterday consisted out of 100 Burpees, 100 Climbers and sprints in between. For me not doing anything for a while, this was already quite tough and therefore, also exhausting, and, the worst, tiring in the long run. It felt that this, connected with just too little sleep made me feel super exhausted and sleepy throughout the whole day. Additionally, I also gave in to use my phone for about two hours again and was surely not as productive as the days before but instead did some small things that wasted time but did not bring me further. I was just the whole day in the mood of I don't want to!


...The most important thing of all is that I keep going. I was aware that this challenge brings some unexpected struggles beforehand. However, after the third morning and waking up earlier than the alarm again (btw that did not happen today) I thought I was already on the way up. Instead, that was "the silence before the storm" (German proverb). I also tried to keep working even though I saw it was not going to work out which eventually drained me even more.

In essence, don't get fooled by the positive spikes, there are always coming downs again. But keep in mind, the work you put in today will pay off later, so nothing is wasted just because of it does not show instant results 🙌🏼😬


What are you struggling with atm?



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