5AM Challenge

Updated: Aug 3, 2018

After watching hundreds of youtube videos that promote getting up between 4-5.30 I finally committed l to get up at 5 am as well. The reason was that I felt so unproductive the last couple of days and had a way too high smartphone consumption! I tracked my screen time and had 3 days in a row more than 5 hours per DAY!!! That was shocking!

If you think about it you have about 8 hours of sleep so you are left with 16 hours for the whole day. Let's say about 4 hours already spent on cooking, eating, showering, etc. That leaves me with 12 hours of doing something worthwhile and out of these 12 hours, I could do something cool productive and awesome, I spent almost 50% on wasting my energy by looking at my phone screen! If that's not enough, it's not only the waste of time that is annoying me but rather the waste of energy. I would even say that this is the worst thing about it! I feel drained throughout the whole day. Not tired that I needed to sleep, no, just not able to focus anymore. So I was sitting the whole day on in front of my laptop trying to be productive and it feels like I am looking on a blank piece of paper. That's not something that is particularly new or unknown, however, at the moment I do not have university neither do I work for someone. That means I can plan my entire day and be as productive as I want. That's what I thought at least. But that's not how it goes... I slept in until 8 (some would say that is still early but the importance is how you spend the first hours of your day) and immediately got up and took my phone from the desk next to me and spend the first half an hour draining my brain. 1st strike! Then I slowly get up and take a nice hot shower (without my phone though 😉). Right after that breakfast aaaaand wait for it ... my phone is on the table in front of me. 2nd strike. You might say yeah ok, that's nothing new but you can still be productive the whole day. Yep, that's right, however, here comes strike #3. Leaving my phone next to me while working and getting distracted every 2 minutes! And, if I am not getting actively distracted I pick up my phone check it to not have missed something!!! Especially when I need relatively much focus for that task I tend to grab my phone to almost escaping from the mental effort and let my brainpower drain into my phone. Leaving me with even less for my task that needs a lot of focus actually.

Enough is Enough!

Luckily I came across these above-described videos so that I was pushed to having less time spend on my phone and even creating more time to be productive when I get up at 5. With enough internal frustration and the help from the videos about waking up at 5 and turning off your smartphone, I finally start my challenge. It is pretty easy to understand and included only the most essential point which changes all the other (that's what the gurus say).

The Challenge:

  1. Get up at 5 am!!!

That's it. As simple as that. I will also do other things like sport right after I get up and meditate, however, I only write down one simple thing and that is getting up at 5 am. Because once I do that, everything else falls into place (in the best case).

I set this challenge for 7 days, one week, and will see what happens. Will I be able to get the missing 6 days?


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