A Brief History Of Humankind

Updated: Aug 9, 2018

Yesterday, was the first day I actually felt like not doing it anymore. The cold was taking up a lot of my energy of getting up in the morning and I felt extremely tired when the alarm rang. So this time I actually missed the point of getting up straight away and was not yet awake enough to realise I need to get up otherwise I'll fall asleep. And that's what happened... 😒. I fell asleep again.

I woke up again and immediately felt stressed because I fell asleep again, looked at my alarm and felt a bit relieved. It showed 5:27. Not too bad. So then I got up instantly to not waste any more time and started my productive day just 27 minutes later.

Yesterday, the train was my friend, I spent a couple of hours in there slept a bit as well but most of the time listened to an audiobook. "Sapiens: A brief history of humankind". Such an extraordinary book so far. It starts with the very beginning of humankind tens of thousands of years ago and relates these findings to the people we are today. How agriculture helped us to grow in numbers but made us sick, how many other species are already extinct because of us and why we live in societies like we do today. Other interesting topics were the political systems of humans and sexism and racism seen from the perspective of a biologist. Already, after listening to just a couple of hours it changed my point of view in so many areas and I learned so many new things I never thought of before! That book is written insanely good and stuffed with so much knowledge that a layperson usually does not acquire in other ways. So I highly recommend this book if you want to get a birds-eye perspective on humankind and learn why humans do what the do based on biology.

PS: Today would have been my last day of the challenge, however, I have an interview for my podcast with Alexander Heyne tomorrow at 6 am so I will extend the challenge to 8 days 💪🏼

Are you interested in reading the "Sapiens"?

Or let me know if you have other recommendations


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