Are You Giving 100% All The Time? Why?

I am sad that my challenge is actually over already... That feels weird. I did not even have to get up today because I woke up 7 times at 5 o'clock.

But I still did it. But why?

The whole thing getting up early doing sports (if I wouldn't have gotten a cold #noexcuses) what was it for? Do I just like to torture myself?


But no, the whole reason is that I want to give my very best, give 100% of what I can. Ok, but why do I have to get up 5 am? I could also just be super productive after let's say 1 pm. No doubt about that but I just want to find out what works best for me and for that I have to try something extreme in order to really know whether it works or not. Just getting up an hour earlier than usual does not seem to be enough. So -->

Go extreme or go home!

You might think:

That's a little extreme, right? Well, what's the alternative?

Ok we know one thing for sure, sooner or later, life is going to end. That means you definitely have a finite time to spent on the things you like and on the things you hate as well. And, one thing that is not that clear but pretty certain, to get awesome things in life you also will have to suffer for them to a certain extent. But with the all that I am actually trying to put more time aside for the things that actually enrich my life. The things that I am doing when I get up this early are, writing this blog which is a lot of fun for me, doing some sort of exercise to stay healthy and keep the mind running as well as some mental exercise like meditation. After and while doing those things I just feel great! So why not doing it everyday and getting up a bit earlier to have the time to do so?

I think a huge part of the reason why you are not doing it is that you think it is inhuman time to get up this early. You obviously know it is a lie. You just got used to it over the last years and now it is the way it is and many people around me are doing it the same way so it can't be bad, right?

It does not have to but I just noticed I get a lot more done when I get up earlier because I have more energy to do the things I have to do and have more time to do the things I love to do. So I am just figuring out what is the best way to spend my finite amount of time.


When are you getting up?

Do you feel energised when you get up?

Let me know!


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