Creator Mindset

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Become aware that you are the creator of your life! You are not a victim! You are in charge, 100%!

That is an important topic for Sophia Niekler. During the latest podcast episode, we talked a lot about it, especially that in combination with energy.

Ok, wait, let's slowly get into this. Where is the connection between "you are in charge for 100%" and "energy"?

I'll explain according to Sophia's words.

In order to be able to be the creator, you need to think that you are actually able to change things in your life. For her, a huge shift in mindset was when she heard, from a business guy,

"Everything is energy"!

Once she understood that it became clear to her that in order to attract certain things you have to send out energy in the same frequency in order to get those things. Yet, she made a clear distinction between the expectancies and sending out the right energy. For her, expectancies are thoughts about things you want to have and feel miserable when you don't get them. In contrast, creating a certain level of energy, for instance, being genuinely happy and positive, then you'll also attract those things in your life. So basically, you have to feel now how you would feel if when you achieved it.