Creator Mindset

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Become aware that you are the creator of your life! You are not a victim! You are in charge, 100%!

That is an important topic for Sophia Niekler. During the latest podcast episode, we talked a lot about it, especially that in combination with energy.

Ok, wait, let's slowly get into this. Where is the connection between "you are in charge for 100%" and "energy"?

I'll explain according to Sophia's words.

In order to be able to be the creator, you need to think that you are actually able to change things in your life. For her, a huge shift in mindset was when she heard, from a business guy,

"Everything is energy"!

Once she understood that it became clear to her that in order to attract certain things you have to send out energy in the same frequency in order to get those things. Yet, she made a clear distinction between the expectancies and sending out the right energy. For her, expectancies are thoughts about things you want to have and feel miserable when you don't get them. In contrast, creating a certain level of energy, for instance, being genuinely happy and positive, then you'll also attract those things in your life. So basically, you have to feel now how you would feel if when you achieved it.

I know, it might seem odd to think that way but... Let's imagine you are trying to attract and find more positive supportive people in your life. How would you do that? Right, by being supportive of other people! So when you go to a party and try to connect with people who are genuinely happy and supportive who would those people approach? Exactly, they would approach people like themselves. That's why you need to feel like that person.

But wait, what does that have to do with the Creator Mindset? Well, once you realise that it opens up so many possibilities! It's just amazing to see that when you know how to attract any person in your life, you realise that you can attract much more in your life than what you have done before.

Also, when looking at the opposite side of this, how do you NOT have to do things in order to change? The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results. According to Albert Einstein, that is the definition of insanity.

So why not trying something different and change the way you feel and see what happens instead of waiting for something to happen before you allow yourself to feel different?

And this is what Sophia called the Creator Mindset, to realise that you are able to change the situation you are in and willing to change it.

Also, what she emphasised was to really take a moment and feel that you only have this single lifetime and everything that you ever want to do has to fit in this one. So take action to create the life you want.

Thank you, Sophia, for this awesome podcast and the deep insights!

You can reach her at and listen to the podcast on your favourite podcast platform or on this website.

Let me know what you think down in the comments or send me a message 😊

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