Digital Minimalism

What is the trade-off for constant connectivity? Not only being constantly connected and able to respond but also passively on social media and consuming content. There seems to be not a huge trade-off at least an obvious one. However, consider this:

  • It takes time (doesn't seem to be a huge factor, one could say)

  • It takes mental capacities (I have enough, one could say)

  • It takes attention to something not meaningful (what is meaningful anyway?)

  • It takes ... (fill in the blank)

Well, at least for me it did do those things, it did take a lot of time scrolling through it mindlessly. It did take mental capacities so that I felt drained afterwards and did not want to work on other things. It did shift my focus on other not meaningful activities that I actually did not want to engage in.

So I'm thinking about quitting Instagram completely even though it could be quite important to my online reach for building up my podcast and online course reach. But I'm not entirely sure yet...

What do you think?

The idea came from the book "Deep Work" written by Cal Newport.

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