Everything is a challenge for me whether I really want it!

A while ago I met a friend who was, sorry to say that, in a miserable state. Left from her boyfriend, stress in university not being able to sleep and if so then having nightmares. Even though not knowing her very well she told me details about what was going on in her life at that moment. I could really sense the despair and helplessness...

But then yesterday, I met her again!

She was different... Her body sent different signals than before but at first, I did not recognise that. Later on, she started talking about her crazy week. On Monday long working day and remembered family members projecting she will not earn a lot of money and don't find a good job. On Tuesday her grandfather, who was always supporting her that she should do what she really wanted, had to go into the hospital... That was rock bottom for her!

And now the good part starts!

On Wednesday her teacher offered her a job at TVB the biggest tv host in Hong Kong for a job that not only is well paid but also she can completely choose what she wants to work on and when! Additionally, she will grow her network and has so many ideas to what do next!

That was a complete change of 180°! She went from "I don't know what to do next, how to survive the next 6 months of university", to "I want to start working for my future career doing a good masters and on the side creating my own blog as a journalist".

Stories like this always amaze me on how people can change from being totally down, do not have energy whatsoever and through instances like that find back to old strength and determination.

That is always soooo flourishing and also the reason why I wrote this new post. I want to share the energy experienced through that so it will help others as well to push through their hard times because nothing is permanent!

Christian Bischoff, a well-known speaker in Germany says

Everything is a challenge for me whether I really want it!

#beunstopable #positivity #energy #determination #motivation #change #strength #persistence

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