Gratitude and Passion | by Les Brown

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

„The most important days in your life are when you were born and when you realise what you were born for!"

There were many nuggets of wisdom included in a live stream by the great Les Brown but I just want to focus on one for today.

I think the best way to interpret the quote above is in two ways. First, there is a deep gratitude that’s speaking out of him for the gift of being alive. So gratitude is an essential part of his being what he connects with god.

The second part is that he just puts enormous efforts in finding and pursuing the purpose of his life despite all the distraction that might arise during your daily routines and the chores that you have to on a regular basis.

So what I can see as his core of his being (you’ll recognise that if you watch one of this videos) is an insane GRATITUDE and following his PASSION (or "hunger" as he likes to call it) and true feeling of purpose without letting distractions get him of his path keeping.

I found this truly inspiring and if you like open in your face inspiration then this is your guy. I watched him already couple of years ago and wrote down quotes of him that I still remember till this day!

„The funny thing about life is you can’t get out of this alive, so you might also have some fun!“
„If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing badly“

What do you think about it?

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