How F*cking Lucky Are You? (+ small assignment)

Small assignment at the end 😉👇🏻

My journey to Hong Kong is getting closer and closer. But I still cannot feel it, it seems so unrealistic. I kinda know what to expect based on other opinions but it still seems so unrealistic. However, I do make time to meet all the important people before I will leave and that is really great! Just yesterday I met Patrick Berges (from episode #1 😉). After we did a walk in the night next to the canal we sat in the cabriolet and just watched the stars ... sounds a bit kitschy but this made us realise the most important aspect of our both lives (and that from many others)!

While sitting in the car the whole freaking sky was full of stars, we sat and an awesome BMW cabriolet and basically did not have to severely worry about anything. We both have the possibility to study at the university, live in one of the best parts of the world, in a country to allows free religion, free speech, makes education super affordable, we are healthy and can pursue our dreams without painfully worrying about making money with it because we would always get a job (and the list could go on and on and on).

Even the odds of becoming a human being in that awesome age in human history are just so incredible that everyone who is reading this should be so f*cking thankful and grateful because then you certainly have an internet connection (which is already insane).

Of course, we all know that, why am I even put in the effort to write it down? Well, think about it yourself.

Ok a hint I got from Lewis Howes:

Why would we deserve more if we don't even appreciate the things that have been given to us already?

I just really cannot imagine how lucky I have been already without appreciating it a tiny bit. That's why it became a daily practice for me to look at some of the things I can be grateful for just some but every day. And to find new things every single day.

I really cannot stress that enough!

Once you realise that, every second of your life becomes a present.

I just want you to realise that this present will be gone at some point and therefore, please(!!!):

  1. Think about what you actually want to do

  2. Create your dream future in your head

  3. Make it so clear that you cannot distinguish it between reality

  4. Figure out the steps on how to get from your dream back to your current position

  5. Make it your single priority to accomplish in a day to make a tiny step towards that direction every day

I'd like to help you with! Just drop me a message ☺️

Enjoy your day🙏🏼

All credits to: Berges_Photography📸

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