I have had the last two days a small mental down phase (and still have) in which I just did not feel like doing anything and instead just did the thing that was easily accessible and gave me at least some short-term pleasure, my phone. 

So let’s start at first with the reason for all this… Well, that’s the first problem actually. I’m not quite sure why this is happening. There is not one initiator that makes me feel really bad. It’s more like a gradual decrease. However, one point I found interesting is that the last 2 days I did not have a lot do in terms of appointments so my daily schedule was pretty loose. I obviously could have done something. There is always something to do but it did not seem really urgent to me and was obviously connected with some effort and a first initiating energy. Whereas grabbing your phone, putting your finger on the home button is not a real effort and already a habit so that’s easy and as said gives at least a bit of joy in the beginning. Then seeing what others are doing meanwhile doesn’t help either because the first thought that comes up is not the one “Let’s get up and do something as well” but instead it’s “damn, they’re having a good life!”. So what might look like a good distraction, in the beginning, turns out to make it even worse than before. 

Ok. So the only thing I figured out is that my phone makes it worse and just robs me of energy. Ergo, get rid of the phone! 

Well, I mean it was quite expensive, to be honest, and for some things, I really need so that’s not as easy as it sounds… Ok, then reduce the time on it one could say. Yeah that’s a great idea but we all know and we all know it does not work for long. So why even bother trying, huh?

Only because it did not work the last times does not mean it will not work the next. I know it sounds a bit hopeless and illogical to think like that but I see it as something I can try better next time. And to connect it with some short-term pleasure, I start with watching youtube videos 🙌🏼. For these opportunities, I have a couple of channels lined up. This time it was the channel of “Thomas Frank”. I think I watched 3 videos of him and that’s it. It was obviously about doing things when you are not motivated to do them and his best productivity apps he uses which also included apps to stay focused and not be distracted. And since I like trying out new apps I let the app store burn and downloaded as much as I could. Funnily enough, ended up with just one app after a day. It’s called “Flipd” (probably a name from Brand Bucket). If you allow, this app can completely vanish all downloaded apps from your home screen and just let you keep the essential Apple apps for a pre-selected amount of time. It even deletes “Safari” and there is almost no way you can redo that. Only if you go deep into your settings and revoke the access of this app. It has also another mode in which you set a timer and when you open your phone again close the app the time stops and you lose if you don’t get back to it immediately. 

However, what I see as the main point of this, the initial effort you have to put in and the reminder that helps you to reevaluate whether it is necessary that you use your phone or whether it is just out of boredom or something unimportant (not just my thinking, it was also in a video of Thomas). Then I remembered talking to a friend of mine I met in Hong Kong who I was talking about the phone usage and he said his mentor put in his phone an alphanumeric code with 30 symbols in his phone to increase that initial effort to use your phone. Important: turn off the Touch ID otherwise the whole effort is useless 🤷🏼‍♂️. 

Additionally, I added the greyscale mode for iOS 

Hmm… that sounds like a plan 🤔

That’s what I am going to do for the next week and see whether it helps or is just a waste of time. 


Let me know what your experiences with this are and I’d love to hear whether you have other tips 😉

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