How To Get Out Of Bed At 3:30?

Even if you don't want to get up at 3:30 because you think it's useless (btw, it's not) you should read it.

First, you probably want to know, why the heck did he get up at 3:30?!

Well, there can be several reasons but for me, it was that I had the privilege to have an awesome guest on my podcast, Alexander Heyne and since he is from America it got to be 3:30 am for me. I got to know him from Youtube and it was just super awesome that he agreed to do a podcast episode with me! 🙏🏼 I was so extremely excited that I actually could not really sleep, got up multiple times during the night and at 3 am was just anxiously waiting that the alarm finally rings. Unbelievable huh?

That might not be the best reason for you to get up. I get that. But what that can show you is that waking up at 3:30 can be just as easy as sleeping in until 12 pm. You just have to understand or find a good reason that suits you to wake up just a bit early than usual.

Again, you obviously don't have to but I barely found any reason why not to. You have more energy throughout the whole day, you get more things done, you are feeling happier and can organise your life better! And, yes, the first couple of days can be quite hard and maybe a bit tiring but if you know that beforehand it's no problem to work counteract.

But what's probably the coolest part about it is I make time to do things that I love to do and not only the things that I have to do.


Feelings convince to get up just a tiny bit earlier for the things you love to do? 🤔

Let me know


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