How To Miss A Flight?

Actually, before I start to tell you about the trip I need to mention what happened before. The last couple of weeks I stayed most of the time at my parent's place since a long time. And parents but especially my mum did everything to make my leave as difficult as possible. I enjoyed the time we spend together sooooo much that it was actually really difficult for me to leave and I did not actually think of not going to Hong Kong because everything was prepared already but if the decisions were to go now or later I would have later. She was so kind and caring (like she always is) but I have not experienced it that strong anymore. So, in the end, it was more difficult to say goodbye and leave my parents than I expected and I am so grateful that I have them. 

Luckily there was not enough time to get too sentimental because I wanted to meet up with a friend at the airport to go together to Riga. However, she wrote me in the night before that she doesn’t know how to get from the central station to the airport 🤷🏼‍♂️ 

I am like WTF! How can you think of that in the night before? 

Ok, that happened and you cannot change that anymore. However, she is taking the bus whereas the train would be much easier but she did book it already so whatever. The next time I heard something about her was that the bus was not coming … Jesus! How is that even possible? So she had to take the train which was arriving just too late and I saw her running into the airport about 10 minutes too late for the check-in… 

I was looking through trying to convince her to come to the other side of the power 😅 but it was too late for her… 

So the adventure began for her to take a flight to London and from London to Riga and arrived at 2 in Riga, FINALLY. 


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