How You Do One Thing Is How You Do Everything!

Updated: Aug 9, 2018

The first thing I realised when I was getting up was a constant pressure around my nose. A feeling as if your pulse is hammering on your air sinus and pushing the pressure into your forehead. Yes, I am sick...

Now I was facing a decision. Am I going to continue the 5 am Challenge or do I give up because obviously being sick is a great excuse for not being so strict with yourself and everyone else would understand your decision. You could put it as health vs. 5 am Challenge and it would legitimise your decision.

BUT... obviously, with this post, you already know that this was not what had happened. However, I did give me 5 extra minutes in bed but that was it. I see it a bit differently than described above. It was so unlikely that I was getting a cold during these days because it has not been below 25 degrees and therefore it felt almost impossible to get a cold. So this cold had to be a "test" to see "How badly do I want to win or finish this 5 am challenge?" Having adopted this perspective made it super easy for me to just jump out of my bed start my routine. However, instead of sports, I meditated for a longer period of time because doing sports with a cold would just be stupid.

I wanted to share this thinking experiment/battle I had so that you can see there are always multiple perspectives you can choose from and one might be super acceptable by others and another one might be crazy in a sense. But you can choose the one you want to take and where you want to go. Just choose the one that fits you best. I know that is an inner fight within oneself, however, I want to go for the long-term benefits and made myself clear about that.

How you do one thing is how you do everything! - Martha Beck (I think)


Which way would you have chosen in my situation?



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