Luck is When Preparation Meets Opportunity

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

That’s something I got reminded of when I heard a story of a mentor of mine. First, he was doing an additional education in NLP while working already and at some point over the many seminars you need to visit, one guy had a job offer at Mercedes but wasn’t sure whether can doing all by himself. So he asked my mentor whether he wanted to help him because he saw his skills already because he was prepared.

But that’s, of course, not the end of his development. He worked hard to improve his skills even more and joined his working partner to more clients.

Until this one time.

He was watching the other guy getting stuck in one of his coaching sessions, unable to continue. He then got asked whether he could continue with the client’s session.

That was the opportunity he was waiting for! Within 10 minutes he solved the problem and finished the coaching session under astonishment of his working colleague. That was the moment when the client afterwards asked whether my mentor could just come by himself without his colleague, who at first brought him into this.

The unwavering thirst to improve and patiently waiting for an opportunity led my mentor finally to get his first big client, Mercedes Benz, waiting for him without his former colleague.