Motion Creates Emotion

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

That is a quote by Tony Robbins and perfectly describes how you can change your state of being, your emotions and your mood very fast and super easy. Sow when you have gotten into the mood of

“I feel like shit and don’t want to do anything” or you feel like “nothing works out today” then this tip by Tony Robbins might help you.

Sounds great ... almost too great to be true? Wait for it!

two men standing showing posture

As the title already indicates, it has something to do with motion/movement. As most know, when we feel bad, discouraged, disappointed or frustrated, one can see that very easily in our posture and body language. We usually slouch, put our shoulders up and forward, bend our back and make ourselves very small after we begin to feel bad.

However, can it also happen the other way around? Well, you can take the test yourself. If you just sit down on the ground squeeze your legs towards your chest and get into the foetal position for a minute or two you’ll feel that your mood also changes.

But can it also be used to your advantage?

Yes, of course, and it works in the same way. So let’s imagine you happen to have worked the whole day, feel frustrated because you didn’t accomplish as much as you wanted to have and feel down. What do you do now in order to change that?

Change your posture in some more or less radical way. Some examples are stretch yourself, move, bend, or just do all the push-ups you can do until exhaustion. There are a bunch of other things you can do as well like, singing out loud, do jumping jacks, go for a run or just outside for a walk. Literally, anything that your body is forced to change its posture.

The rule is: “The freakier the better!”

Additionally, in the podcast with Chris Diwo (click here to listen to the episode), I learned to also look at other indicators like drinking and eating enough. This can affect your mood as well!

So whenever you feel like “this day sucks” or frustrated or just a bit down and don’t want to be in that feeling anymore (yes, there are some that just want to stay in that mood) go through that list again and at first, check whether you have looked after your body and if that did not help, just move, bring your body in motion and create new emotions.

To make it easy, just start by standing up, stretching as high as you can and keep standing with your chest out and your shoulders back. That usually helps me a ton already! If all this is not in enough to change, just do the push-ups or those jumping jacks or at least go out for a small walk.

This is like magic! Especially, if you have a job that requires sitting for a long time (which most have, unfortunately), KEEP THIS IN MIND!

Do your body and your emotions a favour and move ;)

You can also read more on this topic on Tony Robbins website.

Authors Note:

Thanks for reading it until the end! I hope to spread those little insights of my own journey because you might be struggling with it as well. So take what's helpful and leave the rest.

Have a great day and I hope you'll be back for the next post that helps you.


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