One Of The Most Amazing Days Ever

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

Saturday morning ... I could have never imagined how awesome this day was going to be. It started off with a typical peanut butter & jelly student breakfast. Before we, Simona and I, headed over to a Buddha centre in Hong Kong just to meditate with others.

However, that turned out to be different.

At first, it was very difficult to find the centre itself with the horrible GPS in Hong Kong and I guess also because we did not expect it to be like an apartment in a shady house...

So when we finally found the address we were like:" Shall we leave again that does not look like I want to go inside 👀". However, we did it anyway and reached the door... apparently. Seemed like a normal door to an apartment but we knocked anyway. At first calm and soft and then harder. Nobody opened. We knocked again. Nobody opened. We were confused... it was written that this morning was a general meeting to meditate together. Suddenly, we hear a voice, it's English saying:" Sorry for the delay guys!" Wait, was he talking to us?

Yes! This man coming up the staircase was talking to us and the first thing I saw was a black helmet in his hand and leather jacket gently hanging over his shoulder. He walked relaxed but with purpose. Even with this short sentence, it was clear that his English was perfect! Nothing like any Chinese accent. No, when he turned around he looked European actually. That was definitely not what I was expecting in Hong Kong in a Buddha centre!

He kept on speaking and then I realised he actually had a British accent. Now I was completely confused. However, he was extremely kind and pleased us in his apartment offering us Chinese tea and a spot on his couch. So we started talking while I was glimpsing around the shelf where a huge carpet was laying and at the end, there were different statues, pictures and small pieces of art...

I was interested 😏!

Simona and I were just sitting there, still perplex by the appearance of the "Buddhism centre" which looked like a normal apartment with a kitchen, couch and a huge carpet. So the guy, Anthony we found out later, basically just started talking about Buddhism and their basic principles and concepts. It went quickly into getting philosophically and had a lot to do with how the mind works, what we know about it.

From my psychology background, I know that much of which we perceive and think is real is just created in our head and therefore just a product of our imagination. For example, we believe that we are able to perceive what our eyes are capturing. However, from the huge amounts of information, our eyes can perceive only a very limited amount of that information gets actually processed in our brain. When you look up and just look in any direction you think that you are able to see almost everything seen by your eyes, not knowing that most of it is actually recreated by your brain from previous information and guessing to make it a fitting picture in your head.

Ok, once it is clear that we are "fooled" by our brains quite a lot we can go on to the next point which is that we are not limited by our brain and body in its materialistic sense. Rather as Carl Jung it already described, there might be a "collective unconscious".

Ok. But what does that mean?

In short, it can be seen as if we as humans are not actually separated from one another. Instead, there is a connection between us. And even more than a connection, since I as a person or my mind is not limited by my physical body another person can be seen as a part of me as well as I am a part of the other person.

So and what's the point of all this now? How does it help me you might ask?

If you see that everyone is in some sense connected, or even a part of the other person what would you rather do? Hurt them and being rough to them or try to me them happy even if they hurt you? Because remember they are also a part of you.

So an even better question would be. Do you want to hurt yourself or do you want to be nice towards yourself?

PS: Does that change something in the way you treat others?

Let me know


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