Overcoming Fear of Rejection

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

NEW PODCAST EPISODE. Leo Quinn, a marketing consultant wants to go new ways and improve his business. For that, he came up with a great idea to tackle his deepest fears that stop him from excelling his business even further. And I'm sure many can relate to this one, the fear of rejection, I mean who likes to be rejected?

But for his business even more important, he needed to get clients and without getting rejected from some of the people he asked he'd never get any clients that do want to work with him.

Then, he went through quotes he liked in the past year and found one that stood out to him.

I can achieve every goal and reach every dream by simply hearing no more often. -Andrea Waltz

This quote was from the book Go For No. So by multiplying the failure/rejection rate you will eventually also increase your success rate.

That's an interesting approach I feel because most of the time we do not do things we fear, instead we try to circumvent them because we don't want to get hurt, not realising that this short term comfort might be harmful in the long run.

And that was something Leo wanted to change. So, he created a challenge for himself to get 1000 rejections over the summer and he'll see where he stands at the end.

At the point of the recording, he was already at 454 rejections and was burning to receive even more because it became a game for him that he started to enjoy. That's a drastic perspective change and I think for the better.

This also supports a saying that I like to claim as true.

Perspective is everything!

With the right perspective, you can change the reality of things.

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