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The latest podcast recording with TEDx speaker Dennis Buttimer was one that really stuck with me. We spoke about so many concepts and ways to improve our personal life as well as our professional life on a daily basis. It was just a lot of fun to talk to him because we had very similar ways of thinking and see the value of meditation. So if you ever want to change your life fundamentally, now is the right time to listen to episode #8 with Dennis Buttimer. I am sure you'll pick up some food for thought and if just one of you will ever try to start changing something due to this podcast then I reached my goal completely! Dennis is just an amazing man who devoted his life to bringing back the moment into the people's focus and enjoy the time they are given, in the moment. And the reason why he did the podcast together with me was that he just wanted to spread the word about this important topic 🙏🏼

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