Recover Like A Marine

A Podcast with Dennis McCormick who is a marine and was involved in a severe accident from which he was thought to die. This Podcast is about the accident and especially his recovery process afterwards.

This new podcast episode is part of a series that was recorded over weeks with Dennis and I am super happy that, with additional editing and trying out new methods and designs for the video on YouTube, I can finally publish the whole series!

I often just like to figure out many different styles and techniques I can use for new tiny tweaks that consumes easily 10 hours in a week. So I am relieved that I could finally finish the whole series.

However, I don't want to take all the attention. Instead, I rather put the spotlight on Dennis McCormick and his incredible story combined with his insane mental strength he needed to go through all the painful situations. For my site, having the opportunity to speak to him was an incredible experience. It really helped to reevaluate the most important parts in my life and to be grateful for the things I have. Additionally, it's really that seeing/hearing his story helped me to question my boundaries and limits. This also ended up pushing me to try out much more to see where those boundaries actually are. It just funnelled my focus on the things that I enjoy spending time on and erases those stupid things such as spending hours on social media because life can be over any second, literally.

The first video of this series is on YouTube and the audio podcast on the platform you like to listen to. Early access for the video is on Patreon in exchange for a small donation.

Other links are my YouTube channel. You can also just click on one of the icons around the website to find your perfect platform 😉

Like always, I honestly appreciate all your feedback and would love to get in touch with you! Just send me a message or comments below.

Hope you'll enjoy the episode as much as I did while recording and I love to hear your learnings from Dennis!

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