Sad Realisation 😓

At the very beginning of this blog post series, I wrote about why I am doing this challenge and what I hope will happen because of it. I said Once I just get up at 5 am consistently I will do more sports, be more organised and be more productive throughout the whole day. Sounds great, just getting up a couple of hours earlier and you'll have the life you want.

Who would not like that?

Unfortunately, that's not how it goes...

After getting up the 8th time in a row, I must admit it did not happen as predicted. Yesterday showed me again that I was still the influenceable guy with too much phone usage. My usage grew over 3 hours again and the rest of the time I wasted on switching unimportant tasks with each other on my laptop.

Maybe in my case, it is just hopeless?

I don't think so!

Everyone is struggling with these kinds of issues and everyone gets through them, more or less. So why should I be the exception?

I just need to be aware that I cannot do just one thing and it will solve all my problems. Instead, it is a constant fight everyday that I need to win. There is just no shortcut to winning the battle.

Therefore, the best thing to do is get people around you that remind you of that. Either they do it themselves better than you or they at least hold you accountable and ask every now and then:

Are you doing the most important thing at the moment?

That definitely helps me to think about new systems or approaches to my productivity and effectiveness.

Because one thing I know that helps me a lot. Whenever I try a "new" task management system I am on fire and stick to it quite anxiously. Like I did at the beginning of this challenge as well. However, that excitement flattens out after a while and with it goes my productivity.

So why not just getting a new system every now and then? 🤔


What works best for your?

One system consistently or are you changing them frequently as well?

Let me know!


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