Self-Love, Gratitude & Self-Worth |Rainier Mozo S02E02

The new podcast episode is online! You can listen to it here or in your favourite podcasting app and watch it on YouTube. If you want to know what we talked about it is best if you listen to the episode but if you like to have some background info then stay and continue reading ;)

The time Rainier and I met was on an airplane from Cebu to Manila. Back then, I was travelling after my student exchange in Hong Kong, which included Taiwan, the Philippines and Nepal. On that flight a guy, seemingly very young sat down next to me.

- Before I continue, I have to mention that whenever I am travelling by myself, I am a slightly different person. Curious about everything, thinking less about other people's opinion and just do the things that I feel like. Almost like a child that is running around, finding everything interesting and smiling all the time. -

So this guy sat down and picked up a notebook. In there a handwriting, which looked meticulously crafted and used with intention while writing about todos and other things that needed to be planned. That immediately grabbed my attention and I could not hold back to ask him about it...

Then the whole story unfolded itself. The guy I thought of being 20-ish was in reality 34 and the medical director of a hospital in Manila and coming back from a business trip in Cebu! He told