You've Got To Treat Yourself With Rewards 😏

Updated: Aug 9, 2018

To give an indication of how breathtaking those sunsets are!

Yesterday I was actually suuuper tired when I woke up, turned the alarm and got up but felt like I was sitting ages on the edge of my bed. My mind just wandering off... However, I finally got up properly and did the easy thing for me, went for a run instead of a workout. The easy part about it is if once you run let's say 2,5k you'll always have to run back and so you cannot really trick yourself and say it's enough for today (#mindhack).

And the cool part about yesterday was that I did not even realise that it was Sunday and everyone was sleeping in so the streets were completely empty and I completely alone running through awesome fields in the middle of nowhere (that's where I live 😅).

The first couple of hours I was also super productive working on my uni project and did not get distracted. But I already see that my time spent on my phone is increasing rapidly again... On Saturday it was again 3hours already and yesterday 2hours! And, just to make sure that get interpreted correctly, that is active screen time, so I am active engaging with my unlocked phone for more than 2 hours a day, every single day (usually). I find that insanely much. If you do the math and go with 3 hours, which has my average for quite a while, then you end up with 21 hours a week most of the time doing unproductive stuff like scrolling through feeds... and that pisses me off because it seems so hard to control... However, stuff like this video helps me to realise again how much time WE ALL spend on our phones and that we CAN and SHOULD. This is an important point which cannot be stressed enough but here I want to write about the 5 am challenge 😉

Yesterday after being productive in the morning I treated me a small reward with a friend of mine and we hang out for the rest of the day, chilling in the pool or playing Swin Golf (a fun golf kinda thing but for noobies like us 😂) so I can sustain the challenge, I also have to relax at some point because I know I'll be much more looking forward to doing the challenge and I have to push me too much through struggles because I actually do like up until now, maybe a thing I want to pursue for a longer period of time 🤔


What are the rewards you treat you with?

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