Success Day 1

I woke up even before the alarm already on the second day! 😳

But first a recap from the first day. It was very early ... earlier than my mind expected it I think. Nevertheless, I made it and that pretty easy actually. The moment my alarm rang I found myself already standing in front of it and turning it off. I guess it was because I set this challenge and made a promise the evening before. That I no matter what get up at 5 am. Then I did some exercises like burpees and sprints to get awake because (obviously) I felt a bit dizzy (I mean who is used to get up at 5?!). After that small refreshing session, I trusted myself again to close my eyes and meditate for about 20 min. With a clear mind and a refreshed body, I started working on the first blog post on the brand new website. That went surprisingly easy and I quickly wrote the whole post in one breath.

(I just got distracted looking outside the window to experience the beautiful sunrise😍)

Anyway, except for two small napping breaks, I was super productive the whole day until 7 pm and my concentration was just on point 90% of the time. Btw and I have to add that I left my phone turned off until 7 pm that day which is crazy for me and I think for most of you as well ;) In the last week I had more than 5 hrs screen time(!!!) on average! Just to repeat how crazy that is if you have not read the other post. I also bought an additional alarm because I always used my phone as an alarm and that almost naturally gave me the opportunity to waste more time.

Overall, I felt the whole day as if I would have more willpower and could easier resist any temptations might be due to the phone or getting up early but it just felt awesome! Actually, I do not know what feel better getting rid of the probably most addictive drug in today’s society or just getting up way earlier than most.

Does not really matter to me since it just feels awesome today and definitely will continue with that! Even though people look strange at me when I said I want to wake up at 5 just because I can :D. Especially my parent think I am with one foot in the psychiatry 😅

See you tomorrow with the next post about the progress! 💪🏼

PS: Are you already feeling to try it yourself? Who does not want to be more think more clearly be more productive and have done the most important things until lunch?🤔 (leave a comment)

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