The Secret To Motivation

I have been struggling for a long time with my motivation to do just something. I was not willing to commit to something and, of course, not able to sustain anything for more than 2 weeks.

However, for me, it is changing right now! I have been doing this website for almost 3 months now! Did 8 podcast episodes and 17 blog posts (I know it's not that much yet but I'm still motivated and empowered to keep going and not seeking for a finish line). The magic word is continuous. But how was I able to do it?

When I look back at the training for this started almost 3 years ago. Yes, 3 years! And now I can see the real benefits.

3 years ago I did not have the self-esteem I have today and that had major consequences. That was one reason why I thought I was not able to do things as good as others did. But I often did not even try because I knew I was going to fail anyway.

However, I started to learn differently. Just recently in my IO psychology lecture, I saw a great video that compares parts of my previous and my current thinking process.

Have Fun and I hope you can pick something up from this video.

#motivation #experience #continuous #persistency #self-efficacy #self-esteem

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