The Sorties Paradox: When Are Cells Humans?

Sorties Paradox 

If you remove just one grain from a heap of sand would it still be a heap of sand? 

Yes or not? 

Heap Of Sand
Heap Of Sand

You would probably say right? As I would say so too. 

Ok, that was easy. However, let’s assume you’ll continue doing that. One grain after the other. Then the question comes up, when do you reach the changing point? When does the heap of sand is no heap anymore? 

That is very hard to say and since a heap of sand is not clearly defined. 

Now you might say ok well who cares about it? 🤷🏼‍♂️ 

Well let’s assume there is one living cell. This cell is duplicating itself and slowly it gets a “heap” of cells. Further, those cells are going to become a human being later on. So when can we tell this “heap” of cells is a living organism or more specifically a human being? 🤔

To make it more interesting, from which point on would you say abortion is murder? 🤔

I'm really curious what you say, so let me know in the comments!


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