How To Get Started In Hong Kong

AAAAlright! Let's get to it! I haven't been active on this blog for a while since I was travelling and arriving in the beautiful amazing city of Hong Kong. All of the things I did and do there you can check out on my personal Instagram @Juli_m6.

Now let's get to another part why I came here and that's to study, to learn about new cultures and get to know more people as well as flourishing my podcast. For the last two weeks I really enjoyed to not have to think about anything work-related, to not have to remind myself of what I have to do still and or get up a lot earlier than anyone so I could finish my stuff before they are even awake. So it was a nice little vacation and it actually felt like it.

So now I can fully focus again on my other plans to make something big during the time I stay in Hong Kong. For that, I start with a couple of things.

First, I joined the Entrepreneur Society at the Polytec University Hong Kong and meet up with the president. Also, I organise meetings with the interested people of entrepreneurship and self-development for the exchange students. So that a community of like-minded people can be created and help to achieve everyone's plans. This will be the main priority next to creating more podcasts every week.

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