Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Lately, I have been thinking about minimalism in its purist form by getting rid of a lot of stuff and especially cleaning up my digital environment on my computer and my phone.

However, something wasn't working as intended.

I thought by getting rid of a lot of things and cleaning up my environment I would be forced to find and do things of importance and of value to me. But that was not necessarily the case. What happened was that I was getting rid of a lot of things, especially digitally, but I felt that it was not enough yet. So I tried to focus even more on getting rid of things and organising and cleaning my stuff that I got caught up in this circle of just tidying up and reducing more things for the sake of doing so.

I went through my whole "Downloads" folder and check what can be deleted, now I have nothing in there anymore!!! (and everybody knows how much non-sense in such a folder is, it took me hours!)

So what's the point of getting rid of things and tidying up for the sake of doing so? There is non! That's how I found the term INTENTIONALISM! Instead of focussing on tidying everything up to the smallest detail but then forgetting the intention behind it focus on that intention, "Doing what you actually love". That's why intentionalism seems to suit just a lot better than minimalism, so just reducing the number of things you have because you'll always find something else to distract yourself 😉

Are you focussing on the things that you value most?

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