What's The Meaning Of Life?

Updated: Oct 21, 2018

Okay so for the first episode I start with a quite rough topic


More specifically like how to give life meaning. There are a couple of things to keep in mind but I just want to start with the analogy of Sisyphus. Sisyphus was an ancient Greek a guy who got a penalty by Zeus to roll up a huge rock all the way to the top of a mountain. On the top, however, the huge rock will all have always fall down and roll back to the starting point and even when he even reached the top the rock it couldn't stay there because of the wind or because of any other thing else that influenced the rock to just roll all the way down. This is completely useless and without meaning.

I mean why does he even have to roll the rock up there? Well, there is no sense, it is complete nonsense.

Now here comes the analogy.

Okay, how is that different to what we do every day. It seems different at the first blink but it is not if you look closer. You do your job on a regular base from the Monday morning until Friday evening basically doing nothing but going to work. You might go back to your family but when you are back you are most likely tired as well. So you cannot invest so much time with your loved ones. This should resemble the analogy of rolling up the rock until the top of the mountain just to see it rolling down again.

With That, You Could Say That Life, In General, Is Meaningless.

Sounds quite dramatic! I know, but it’s if you think about it.

Also if you see it from a third-person perspective or rather from a universe position it shows once we take our own interpretations from the world so basically our adjectives this world becomes meaningless. For example, this rock is heavy or something as beautiful it's only our interpretation of the world of what's there! So if we take that off it there is no meaning left because the world does not have meaning in itself. The only thing that presumably gives meaning is the human being because that's what we do. We're trying to figure out a reason for it why are we here. However, with the analogy, it basically says there's this none there's no sense really! There's no meaning in it! Neither does the universe perspective give it any kind of meaning but just proves that there's no meaning.

Albert Camus smoking in a coat
Albert Camus

The philosopher Albert Camus actually agrees to the statement I just mentioned and he also mentioned the analogy. The most important thing he says is:

“The Meaning Of Life Is To Give Meaning To Life!”

So it's not something that we can find or we need to look for or we need to wait for. Instead, we need to create it, we need to do something, we need to act on it. This realisation if we agree that this is true, you need to act on it in order to do something useful, proper or meaningful out of your life. Additionally, Steve Jobs’ speech at the Stanford University from was said something similar. What he at the end sad was:”

"Stay Hungry And Stay Foolish!"

What he basically means with that is to stay hungry to do something new actually hit something new and be foolish on the way so you obviously will make mistakes you will fail and fall down. Essentially, what he says is you need to act in order to create your purpose in life. He says the same thing as Camus:

"You Need To Create The Meaning Of Your Life"

So remember: Everything Is Meaningless Unless You Give It Meaning!

Do you agree? Is there really no meaning in life?

Comment below to give what you think!

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