What's Wrong With Me?

Updated: Aug 9, 2018

I never expected my body to adjust sooo freaking fast! 😳

I was lying in my bed, awake, thinking Could I have missed my alarm? Is it already turned off again? No! it was not the case! I dared to glimpse anxiously at my alarm ... there it was... 4:58 am!!! Ok, you might think that is a coincidence I already woke up a couple of times that early just to turn to the other side and continue sleeping. However, not if that happens a second time!

Even though having an easy time getting up (I expected that to be the worst) the day second was less productive than the first. I was still doing a lot, don't get me wrong but just not the right things... Instead of finishing an important project for university, I tried to professionalise this website and doing other tasks for my own project. Additionally, the naps needed to be taken as well to keep me somewhat productive.

Okkkk enough of the downsides. I went out for a run yesterday morning because I thought it's probably going to be fresh, at least in the morning. Instead, it was already 25°C!! at 5 am in the morning 🔥😓.

This morning was one of the best sunrises I have seen in a long time (I guess because I was not awake that freaking early). With having clouds in the west and a blue sky in the east, the sun shone at the clouds from beneath to let them appear yellow and made a warm and relaxing atmosphere after the workout this morning. That also convinced me to meditate outside today and enjoy the great vibes from mother nature.

Alright alright, I am actually already super happy that I made it this far, still like it and will continue even tomorrow, on a Sunday(!!!). And, I actually do like it if other people call me crazy for doing such things, makes me a bit proud just because I think they would not be able to do it like TheAmbitiousSloth 😏

Are you feeling inspired to start this challenge as well, OR Are you thinking, that's crazy I'll never do that just for fun?


Let me know what you think!

⚠️ 👇🏻

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