Why Going to the Gym is a Waste of Time

I am sure you came across the thought of "How can I train without going to the gym?"

Well, according to neurophysiologists that is actually possible!

They tested it with the strength of a single finger. Trained with real physical exercises in comparison with mentally exercising. That means the second group just imagined they would train and visualised themselves training (sound a bit odd I know but it's true). The two groups trained for 4 weeks, 5 times per week and the results are astonishing!!!

The group that trained muscles with physical exercise increased by 30% in their muscle strength. But the group that trained mentally only increased by 22% in their muscle strength as well!

So that means our thoughts, literally, let our muscles grow without moving a finger!

Just for the record, the control group gained about 2-3% in their muscle strength. You can also read the whole study with the following link


Another experiment has been conducted on the base of the influence of the mind (consciousness) on the matter. The connection is profound. It has been found that a random electronic number generator reacts on different states of peoples mind. It is especially influenceable when many people at the same time have a similar consciousness. Therefore, some of the results show that the indicators reacted to the 9/11 event and indicated a dramatic change in people’s consciousness through the change of the random electronic number generator. But the even more astonishing is the fact that those measures showed already several hours before the first aeroplane crashed into the building some anomalies and showed a drastic change in people's consciousness.


I know it's a difficult and dry topic but I want you to understand how powerful and important the thoughts are you think on a daily basis and what impact they have on your whole life!

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