Why You Should Listen To Yourself

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

I was just listening to a podcast episode that was mainly about nutrition but had a lot good stuff about mindset and self-awareness in it (in German, by Tobias Beck & Dr. Mareike Awe).

And to go straight to the point that struck me the most was what she was saying about her personal development. In order to know what is the right way to develop yourself is to know yourself or be aware of your needs.

„Your body and your mind already know what is good for you and they’ll also tell you if you are willing to listen to it.“

There is a great little saying in German, which is „alles kann, nichts muss!“ That basically means „everything can, nothing must!“ and your body/mind usually knows what has to be so you can just listen to yourself.

I get quite often caught up in the race of what is the best tool to personally develop even further because I just like the process of doing so but I sometimes forget what this whole journey is about. It’s easy to get caught up on this journey when so many are telling you

“Around the corner lies the truth, just take the steps I tell you in the next video for just 999€.”

But the real truth is that you need to listen to yourself what path you should take cause you already have everything that you need for this journey.

Not to say you should get help from others because they tell you or because everybody is getting a coach now. Instead, because you feel like you want one. And that’s hard to figure out whether that’s you wanting or others telling you. But nobody said it’s gonna be easy ;)

This was my little thought of the day. Stay aware and listen to yourself. I do that through daily meditations and daily journaling.

Do you take the time to listen to yourself? If so, how do you do that?

And if this was of value to you, feel free to share it and help a friend 😉

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